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DSA Studio One gets renovated


DSA Studio One gets renovated - March, 2012

A project that has been on the back burner for several years has finally come around. DSA Studio One just received a facelift and reorganization to improve the sound, aesthetics, and comfort. It’s not a major tracking space, but for times where you just need a decent, spacious, dry room to accurately lay some material down, it fits the bill nicely. Several projects have been born in this room; it has hosted the production of a complete musical, rehearsal space for 5 simultaneous drum kits (no joke!), My Dear Disco’s debut EP live tracking, voice-overs, and many solo performances. Our 100 year old Steinway K upright grand is back in its home and much happier now with the updated, more accurate climate control. The inception of a new electro-acoustic wind project happened last week in here, and more details on that will come as the tests from the lab show positive results! Stay tuned for more.



Welcome back from break everyone! It’s time to hit the ground running; the end of the academic year approaches, and everyone is presenting their finished work. It’s a common misconception that DSA is booked beyond availability at this time; we will do our best to accommodate every concert that we can to the best of our ability. Obviously it is extremely helpful to have everything locked in advance, but we are expanding our rigs and updating our systems to make this the most capable spring concert season ever. Call or email me for details and the schedule.
See you in the concert halls!

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