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March 2017: Video upgrades! - April, 2017


An new addition to the video arsenal has arrived:  The Panasonic DVX-200!  It has been a joy working with this new camera.  With 4K resolution and extremely low-noise ISO, the images it captures are stunning.  The design of the camera is to equal the capture abilities of the Panasonic Lumix GH4 mirrorless DSLR, but in a run-and-gun capable ENG camera.  We regularly use GH4s to shoot larger projects, and this has stood up extremely well next to them in comparison, and in matching.

We have also upgraded our webcast rig to include a Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder.  With HDMI and SDI inputs, feeds from the new DVX-200 look brilliant and clear, and your concert can be streamed in the same full HD 1080p quality as your final media (assuming all on-site web connection speeds and recipient internet capabilities are up to the task). As always, our live stream feeds are presented with the audio from our recording rig (NOT the camera mics or mics separate from your recording), so your audience gets a front row seat to your sound with the finest of audio capture!

See some of the recent work we have done with these with the University of Michigan Symphony Band in the video below (shot with two DVX-200s, 2 GH4s, and 2 HMC150s).


September 2016: “Did you Hear That?” - September, 2016

Professor Jerry Blackstone and I collaborated for approximately a year to create a choral conductor’s instructional guide to working with ensembles of vary ability level.  We are proud to present Did You Hear That?  – The conductor’s role in creating artistic, efficient, and engaging rehearsals”.

This volume follows in a series of instructional videos we have worked on here at DSA for performers, teachers, and students to document ideas and concepts, preserve them, and make them available to the general public.  It’s such a pleasure to work with artists like Jerry who have a vision, clear ideas, and we’re delighted to help them translate that vision into meaningful media.  It is currently available on DVD through GIA Publications via the link above.

Spring 2016 updates - May, 2016

The press has been very good to us this month!  American Record Guide has offered up two very complimentary reviews on albums that we recently released, and we are pleased to share some samples here:

In order of release, first we hear about Trio Virado’s Mangabeira:

“Mangabeira” Review May/June 2016 American Record Guide
“First let me say that these are fine musicians, and they present a set of performances that are unfailingly strong, expressive, and imaginative. The concept of instrumentation is inspired; guitar with flute or violin is always in danger of being overwhelmed, but when viola replaces violin the balance is easier and more natural.

It helps that flutist Amy Porter always keeps her dynamics down to blend with her colleagues.It also helps that Joao Luiz is a strong guitar player with a bold yet beautiful tone. And it further helps that each of the works on this recital is a perfect trio—a blend of three musical minds with none of the three dominating.
It’s really satisfying.

All the works except the Brouwer are in the vein of Latin popular music—even Frederic Hand’s. They are unusually sophisticated works for all their vernacular roots, and Ienjoyed all of them. The Brouwer Paisajes, Retratos, y Mujeres (Landscapes, Portraits, andWomen) is the exception. The first movement is inspired by a portrait of Wagner and Mathilde Wesendonck, II is a graceful feminine minuet, and the last is a fantasy on Dowland’s song ‘Can She Excuse’. It’s lovely music, not quite like any Brouwer I know, but I’m glad to have it. Luiz’s own ‘Todas as Manhas: Homenage a Luis Bonfa’ is similar in essence in this case, a fantasy on Bonfa’s theme from Black Orpheus, ‘Manha de Carnaval’. Fragments of those lovely melodies come in and out, are expanded and contracted. It’s fascinating and beautiful. Excellent sound and notes.” – Keaton  ——————————

Second, we got this very gracious nod in the review of The University of Michigan Symphony Band’s Reflections

“This is a magnificent concert band recording, as good as any I’ve heard—warm, rich, clear, detailed, with big, round, walloping bass. It is excellent modern music (all the composers are still very much alive). And this disc is for everyone—even listeners wary of wind bands—and a proud souvenir for University of Michigan music students, faculty, and alums.” – Wright  —————————-

A hearty “thank you” to both reviewers, and even more congratulations to all of the musicians, producers, scribes, and everyone who put time in on these records with me.  It’s always a joy to know that someone is recognizing what kind of attention we put into our craft.

2015 Fall updates, new projects, and new gear! - November, 2015

We are proud to announce the release of Trio Virado’s Mangabeira on Soundset Recordings!  This is the premier recording and release by flutist Amy Porter, violist Juan Miguel Hernandez, and guitarist Joao Luiz which features a broad spectrum of Latin influenced compositions and extreme virtuosity and emotion.  We are all extremely proud of this project and delighted to finally bring it to the public.


I heartily congratulate all three on a magnificent performance and collaboration, and this record is one that I personally will listen to over and over, even after the immersion of producing it with them.


This fall I had the privilege to enter the studio for five days to track the Prism Saxophone Quartet for a forthcoming album to be completed in the coming year.

The ensemble is looking at no less than four GRAMMY nominations for their recently released album “Heritage/Evolution, Vol. 1”, among them best engineered classical album.  I can only hope this new album we tracked receives the same level of attention!  Upholding their standard of capture, we experimented with a batch of ribbon microphones to compliment the condensers, among them a vintage RCA 44, a vintage RCA 77dx, and two Menasovic Model 2s.  The sonic palette we captured seems limitless….so many colors and blends.  As a result of this session, I made a fine, new acquisition for my mic collection:  The RCA 77dx multi-pattern ribbon:


You cannot argue with a classic, and this is definitely a fine example of a true studio classic.  Providing rich fundamentals and exceptional tonal accuracy, it adds a whole new layer of color to any instrument.  I look forward to finding more of these out in the world, and hopefully in as pristine condition as this one.


More new releases! 2015-03-30 - March, 2015

PIECES AND PASSAGES – Scott Conklin, violin, with

Alan Huckleberry and Jason Sifford, piano

Albany Records recently released Pieces and Passages by Scott Conklin, violin, in collaboration with pianists Alan Huckleberry and Jason Sifford.  All are U of M music alums and good friends.  This is my second album production for Scott and Alan.  It features a collection of mostly new works by Gabriela Lena Frank, Ching-Chu Hu, Joel Puckett, Chen Yi, along with classics from Evan Chambers and William Bolcom.  We took a familiar concept from Scott’s previous record production, Violinguistics, and moved it to University of Indianapolis’ Ruth Lilly Hall (in the absence of U of Iowa’s music building, still under construction after the floods that crept into the end of the Vioinguistics sessions).  It’s yet another expertly executed and deeply emotional musical journey through the works of our composer-colleagues that was an extreme pleasure to capture and craft.


 THE SINGING OBOE – Andrew Parker, oboe, and Alan Huckleberry, piano

Alan and I also worked on a very unique and exciting record by Andrew Parker, oboe, which just hit the shelves from MSR Classics.  It’s called The Singing Oboe, and rightly so.  Andrew performs Schumann’s complete Dichterliebe song cycle, as well as a set of Schubert with one Beethoven song on top.  His tone and treatment of these very frequently performed works takes everything to a new level….they exist without their text, and he maintains emotional engagement throughout that highlights the beauty of the melodies alone.  Alan and Andrew create a gorgeous dialogue that completely changed the way I hear this cycle.  It’s a very unique and beautiful view of some old favorites.



A Collaboration for Progress! March 28, 2015 - March, 2015

Last night (3/27) we premiered the video of Chris Good and the Sweet Insurrection’s BEAUTIFUL at the SCOTUS or BUST variety showcase at the Necto.  We prepared completion of this project to lend support to the upcoming LGBT Marriage Rights case heading to the Supreme Court, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.  A fun, hilarious, heartfelt song by Chris, with animations by the immensely talented Grace Rother and Chelsea Jordan.   It was a huge success, and we wish Jayne and April the greatest of luck in DC!

March 2015-New and Upcoming Releases - March, 2015

More and more projects are coming out of the studio and on to the shelves.

First, after a short burst of live tracking in July and a series of overdub sessions following, Sarah Price’s debut solo album, Sarahtonin, is now finished and will be released in June.   She wrote and arranged the entire thing (short of one Radiohead cover, with a twist), and I engineered and produced the full album.  Stay tuned for updates on the release party; we are planning a live show with the full band to let this one out to the public.  Sarah created a gorgeous landscape of soul, jazz, and melt-in-your-mouth vocals with a warm, throwback feel that was received with resounding approval at our Kickstarter pre-release listening party.  I have listened to this project more than anyone, and I still can’t get enough of it.

A view of the band tracking in DSA Studio One, back in July:

Congratulations Sarah!  We’re all so proud of you and can’t wait for the world to hear this.  It was such a joy to get to make this record with you!


We recently wrapped tracking sessions for the University of Michigan Symphony Band’s new album (release date tba) in Hill Auditorium, and it was an enormous collaboration of fine talent and world class work that functioned like a precision-crafted machine under the direction of Michael Haithcock.  I am very excited to begin post-production on this collection of recordings, among them a tuba concerto by Michael Daugherty, performed by Philadelphia Orchestra principal tubist and U-M alumnus, Carol Jantsch.  I have a lot of reverence for the history of what has happened on the Hill stage in the past 100+ years, and this project adds greatly to this legacy.  It was a joy to be behind the rig for these sessions.

I’d like to send a hearty congratulations to Mark Clague on all of the work we completed in the past year on Poets and Patriots, as well as the U-M Gershwin Piano acquisition and the subsequent dedication concert and panel discussion.  In celebration of this occasion, we created this video to promote the arrival of George Gershwin’s Steinway Model A:

We also saw the release of Complete Music for Winds and Piano by the University of Iowa Faculty Winds, after a long pause on the shelf.  It is currently available through MSR Classics.  This project was a very fruitful collaboration with some dear friends and colleagues, old and new, that holds a special place for me personally, as it contains the last studio recordings of our dear, departed friend, oboist Mark Weiger.

Last month we saw the release of Diana Gannet’s Artemis in the Oak Grove, which I recorded over the last two years with her at the University of Michigan in Stamps Auditorium, as well as the re-release of Old Wine, New Bottles with Volkan Orhon and Come Away: Recital Transcriptions for Double Bass and Piano with John Ellis, piano.  These albums are now available on CD now, as well as the re-releases being available through Block M Records via iTunes.  Artemis is a very thoughtful and engaging set of performances containing, among the list, new compositions by Anthony Stoops and Evan Premo; two extremely talented and virtuosic alumni from Diana’s studio (and good friends of both of ours).

More updates are coming soon!



May 2014 - May, 2014

We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to our regular clients the Akropolis Reed Quintet for winning the gold medal at the Fischoff National Chamber Music Association Competition.  They recently released their album, Unraveled, on which we had the pleasure of recording and doing all the post-production.  Ron Grames of Fanfare Magazine gave this great review of the album recently, in which he even gives accolades to the production, recognizing our vision of the audio speaking through!

You can hear a sample of the record here.  This was our second project with Akropolis, and we look forward to more projects together in the future!

More new audio samples can also be heard on our LISTEN page.  It’s never a dull day in the studio…keep checking in to see what exciting new things are coming out of DSA Studio One and all of the great places we visit and work in every day!



January 2014 - January, 2014

Happy New Year everyone! DSA is proud to announce the release of Amy Porter’s “In Translation: Selections from J.S. Bach’s Six Cello Suites” and the accompanying edition sheet music. Hear Amy play these timeless pieces in historic Hill Auditorium, expertly recorded by Jason Corey of the UMSMTD, with all post-production by DSA.  It is currently available through Carl Fischer publishing as a two-CD set.

I was also delighted to be a part of The Puck Drops Here on Main St. in Ann Arbor for what was possibly the largest New Year’s Eve celebration that the city has ever seen.  Teaming up with the fabulous crew of THS Audio, we saw the return of Michelle Chamuel and Tyler Duncan of my old tour family My Dear Disco/Ella Riot as s/he, in their premier live performance. All of the band was on hand to be a part of this massive gathering of local community, along with the massive talents of Robert Lux, Ross Federman of Tally Hall as MR. F, and DJ Scout. Despite being out in 20 degree snowing weather for 16 hours, it was an experience that none of us will ever forget!

October/November 2013 – Pre-Screening Audition Season! - October, 2013

It’s that time of year again…everyone graduating is preparing to move on, and we are here to make you sound and look your best as you send out your pre-screening application media.
Bookings are building up fast for the December 1 deadlines, so it’s best to plan ahead and RECORD EARLY! For UMSMTD students looking to make pre-screening recordings at the school please be aware of the school’s scheduling rules. These seem to be overlooked annually, and it can be a confusing list if you don’t understand how the SMTD portions out the halls for use. It is actually a very fair and simple system, given the limited amount of space at the Moore Building that is available.
– each student is allowed to reserve one 2 hour block of time per month for recording/rehearsals in Britton or McIntosh Theatre
– sessions can only be booked form 10pm-12am, or before noon on the weekends (pending availability)
– hall times outside of 10-12 CAN be reserved when free, but no more than 48 hours in advance ( they must be saved for potential classes, guest concerts, master classes, etc.)
– if you need additional time, there are options for spaces around town….we prefer to use Kerrytown Concert House. They have been very accommodating to my clients for years and we have a very valuable partnership. Their Hamburg Steinway B is a spectacular instrument for all purposes and I highly recommend working here if the UM halls are unavailable.

Email or call to set up your time and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the best representation of your playing for your pre-screening!

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